• Go Green!

    Many solutions to our environmental problems are very simple. There are many ways to care for the environment - from reusing common household items to putting paper and plastic in the recycle box.
  • Green Energy!

    Teaching children to place recyclable items in the recycle bin is an important way to help the environment. Finding creative ways to reuse household items is another.
  • Love our planet!

    Fostering a love for planet Earth, and teaching children the behavior needed to preserve its beauty, can be achieved when simple solutions are implemented
  • Creatures of the night

    There is as much life at night as when the sun is high in the sky, and mother moon lights the way.
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Go Green Characters

  • Sunny the Sun

    He is lights the skies and brings energy to our planet.
  • Urzile Motherearth

    She is our mother and sustains life on our planet.
  • Walter water

    He covers over 70% of our earth.
  • Misty the Moon

    She lights our night skies.
  • Rana rain

    She feeds our earth much needs water from the sky.
  • Sonya the soil

    She grows our food and feed the animals.
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  • Donate


    Donate your old toys instead of throwing them away. There are many kids out there who would be happy to receive them. Do a class donation. Have everyone in class bring in a toy, items of clothing or shoes bring the donation to a local homeless shelter. Don’t know where to donate. Contact us for more information.
  • Recycling for Kids

    Recycling for Kids

    Recycling is when we take materials that we were going to throw away and put them through a process so they can be reused again.
  • Plant a Garden

    Plant a Garden

    Make a school garden or a community garden. Use the vegetables for school lunches or community residents.
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About Go Green Kids USA

Teaching children to care for the environment is an important parental responsibility that is crucial for their future. But sometimes helping the planet can feel overwhelming for small shoulders. Remember to encourage young children to take one step at a time when going green. The little things they can do really make a big difference.

Many solutions to our environmental problems are very simple. There are many ways to care for the environment - from reusing common household items to putting paper and plastic in the recycle box. Encourage children to do one small thing, and then add another and another . Before you know it, those little steps add up to a lot more green. Also consider your children’s ages and how much responsibility they can handle. Above all, make it a fun family affair. Children learn best when they are happy and can model our behavior.


Our great friends


  • Go Green in your home

    Go Green in your home

    Recycling at home and donating your old jeans and other clothes is a good thing to do.
  • Go Green at school

    Go Green at school

    You and your classmates can also help the environment and others by starting a jean drive.
  • In your community

    In your community

    Have you hugged a tree? Yes they give us clean air to breath. We are here to teach you about your best friends.
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What does it mean to “Go Green?”  To “Go Green” means to make earth conscious decisions when buying and using products or doing things to help the earth. There are many fun and simple things you can do everyday to help the planet.  

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